Overshoe Size Guide

Our overshoe is made in a flexible material. To ensure a great fit, measure the “standard” shoe you want to use with the overshoe. The most important measure is the length from heel to toe of the sole. The other measure that is important is the width of the widest part of the shoe, usually the line above, or behind, the toes. If your shoe is e.g. 315 mm long and 106 mm wide, you should go for a size LARGE (L).

Generic Length Width Euro UK US
MEDIUM  up to 308 mm 105 mm 40-41.5 6.5-7.5 7-8
LARGE up to 321 mm 108 mm 42-43.5 8-9 8.5-9.5
X-LARGE up to 334 mm 111 mm 44-46 9.5-11 10-11
XX-LARGE up to 347 mm 114 mm 46-47.5 11-12.5 12-13